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Alaska Conservation Foundation

Branding Case Study

Project Strategy

Live Large Design has been working consistently with the Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) since 2014.

Wanting a more clear and contemporary appearance, we recently provided a full brand redesign and overhaul. We researched and analyzed to create a unique approach for ACF, fulfilling both the conservation and stakeholder needs of the brand.

Visual Branding

The rebrand and design created for ACF was classic and minimal to allow the array of powerful and beautiful Alaskan photographs to shine.

The new brand direction included a defined set of visual guidelines to ensure consistency in showcasing ACF through all assets and collateral, including the website.

Marketing Design

After we created a solid brand foundation, we delved into various ongoing collateral designs including annual reports, brochures, business cards, and more. This is often the fun part of a project, since the brand guidelines offers a clear foundation, while we still get to explore an extended visual language.

Branding Results

Alaska Conversation Foundation now has a coherent look that is unique to itself and can be easily recognized across their platforms.

ACF is known as the only public foundation solely dedicated to conservation in Alaska, connecting thousands of donors and businesses worldwide. Their visual presence has ensured their work is recognized and supported.

We continue to support them on a regular basis with their annual report and other design needs. The new found consistency in their brand due to our work has allowed them to save money on their print costs while ensuring that they are representing their brand consistently.

Live Large Collective graphics

Live Large
 has a fabulous design team.

Their comfort level working within websites and designing for digital purposes has been incredible, and they have supported my brand with their robust skillset.

They provide a process and team with a positive attitude and their creativity is inspiring. They have truly been an asset.

Ashly Taborsky

Anchorage, USA


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