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Borealis Cellar

Branding & Website Case Study

Project Strategy

Peter, the owner of the start-up, Borealis Cellar, came to Live Large Design before he had a name for his new fermented food and mead company based in Alaska. We were able to not only brainstorm creative names, but cross-check them with online availability and competitiveness to set Peter up successfully from day #1 for this organic, local food and drink company.

Visual Branding

We created a logo, brand guidelines document, and starter website for Borealis Cellar based in traditional imagery related to farming, nature, and organic production.

This brand platform, allowed Peter to have diversity within his products through the use of illustrative wood-cut style imagery. He wanted the ability to utilize various visual aspects for specific product lines and labels.

Online Marketing

Live Large Design helped Peter start with organic marketing via social media outlets and a newsletter campaign connected to his website presence. With clear branding created by us, Borealis Cellar was able to quickly establish a presence online and at local Alaska farmer’s markets.

Borealis Cellar has grown to offer classes and developed a following allowing their product lines to expand to new food and drink products.

Branding Results

Live Large Design designed a variety of labels, email templates, and signage for Borealis Cellar. Templates were developed to allow for easy updates in the label system. One-color designs were utilized to keep print costs low while still maintaining integrity with the quality visuals and brand platform.

Today, Borealis Cellar continues to maintain their brand cohesiveness through their local and online platform.

Live Large Collective graphics

I was super impressed by the branding and website design my business received from Live Large Design.
The Live Large team was very professional and easy to work with and really did a great job working collaboratively with me.

They respected my own ideas for the project while utilizing their own creative and professional design talents to bring my brand to life. As a new small business owner, this was the first time I’ve ever needed any professional design work, and Live Large Design really helped me actualize what I needed and helped me get there.

Peter Lamb

Anchorage, USA


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