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Horst Expediting & Remote Operations

Website Design Case Study

Project Strategy

Horst Expediting & Remote Operations (HERO) provides exceptional services to remote camps in Northern Alaska. As a qualified and experienced team, their guiding motto is "We Care." It was up to Live Large Design to marry this hardworking, rugged by nature company with a visual look and feel that would highlight both professionalism and friendliness.

Visual Branding

The design approach incorporated the structure and organization needed to plan large scale expediting projects in remote Alaska. We used color to differentiate between the different areas that HERO specializes in. The choice to use bold colors along with crisp white and minimalist design helps to keep the message clear and foundation of strength evident.

Collateral Design

After a solid brand foundation was developed, we delved into a variety of collateral design. The banners work together as a set, but also stand apart to differentiate the different services that HERO provides. The brand colors are used to create focus and harmony between the banners. Our focus was to create a brand that demonstrated trust, organization, and knowledge.

Branding Results

HERO unveiled their new brand at the annual miners convention in Anchorage, Alaska with great success.

They used the new website interface and functionality to entice visitors to join their mailing list with a giveaway. With an ipad interface, HERO gained new client leads resulting in increased prospects and sales. The HERO visuals remain strong, friendly and structured, elements that are important to the company mission. They now have risen to a multi-millionaire dollar business and essential business to northern Alaska.

Live Large Collective graphics

I can't thank Adele and her crew enough for the quality and tenacity of their work. We definitely got our money's worth out of this project and my only regret is that I didn't do this sooner!
I'm thankful to have a really sharp looking marketing platform that offers a clear picture of who we are. We love what we do, we care about our clients, and we're so appreciative to have a design company that was able to effectively share our story so we could grow our audience and impact.

Josh Horst

Alaska, USA

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