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Branding & Website Case Study

Project Strategy

Seventy-three percent of college students experience sleep problems causing major health complications and reduced learning. These sleep irregularities are a contributing factor to American college students ranking well below their peers in other countries.

Live Large Design embarked on an initiative to help educate college students on optimized sleep strategies and their individualized sleep profiles.

Visual Branding

The branding included a comprehensive creative process, working to bring interest to the often overlooked topic of sleep. The brand was derived from a soothing color palette and eye-based graphic. A hand-drawn script font was paired with the graphics to add to the soothing feel.

We successfully brought together the community, sleep doctors, and sleep vendors to help support this important Millennial audience in our community.

Brand Package

Design deliverables included a logo, full brand development, packaging designs, website, phone app, bus wrap, promotional video, T-shirts, and event collateral. We conducted research, created prototypes, managed user-testing and created and promoted a live event around this topic at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Branding Results

The project gained traction and publicity in media outlets Huffington Post, NPR, and book, The Freshman Project.

The Shuteye brand and campaign helps students thrive in the college setting, not just survive. This goes much beyond simply sleeping more, and instead helps students understand their unique sleep profiles and how to develop a routine to support them for years to come and into an effective adult work life.

Video Poster Image
Live Large Collective graphics

Live Large
 has a fabulous design team. 
Their comfort level working within websites and designing for digital purposes has been incredible, and they have supported my brand with their robust skillset.

They provide a process and team with a positive attitude and their creativity is inspiring. They have truly been an asset.

Ashly Taborsky

Anchorage, USA


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