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Social Impakt

Branding & Social Media Case Study

Project Strategy

In an effort to support clean water efforts in Bali, Indonesia, Live Large Design worked with a local filter company. Social Impakt had a great product, but a scattered brand platform and unclear presentation on just how much clean water can improve people’s lives.

We knew that some clarity in their visual language would help them better reach their target audience and gain supporters.

Visual Branding

We created a brand guidelines document to inform the font selections, color palette, and visual language. Then we designed detailed infographics that would help people understand how clean water can help break the poverty cycle in rural Bali. These graphics were used on the website and crowdfunding platform.

Social Media Strategy

Through a variety of island-wide events in Bali, online marketing, social media, and Search Engine Optimization, we supported Social Impakt to advertise their crowdfunding campaign.

Their new presentation and video allowed viewers to understand the vision and mission of the company.

Branding Results

With the support of Live Large Design's branding work, Social Impakt successfully bypassed their crowdfunding goal of $60,000 to help support the distribution of water filters.

The improved brand, graphics, infographics, and website materials all helped educate viewers on the effectiveness of Social Impakt's clean water efforts. They continue to distribute water filters to rural Bali locations. You can support them at

Live Large Collective graphics

I started a crowd-funding campaign for Social Impakt, needing to raise $60,000 to help us get water filters to rural Bali. I was in need of graphic design and infographics to utilize on the website and fundraising page. Live Large Design helped improve our current website optimization with the help of clearer imagery.

Live Large Design successfully designed impactful and clear visuals and infographics that supported the effectiveness of our crowd-funding efforts. I highly recommend Live Large Design for your branding and website needs.

Jeroen Van Overbeek

Bali, Indonesia


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