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Straza Consulting

Website Case Study

Project Strategy

Straza Consulting needed a brand platform beyond just their logo. Through a brand guidelines creation and website redesign, we created a cohesive brand platform to showcase the Straza business expertise.

The website needed to portray the capabilities and achievements of Straza Consulting while building a brand image that portrayed confidence, structure, as well as their ability to adapt.

Visual Branding

The developed design resulted in a brand image that was unique to Straza Consulting and fitting for their Chicago metropolitan location. It embraced and showcased their strengths through bold colors and dynamic visual choices.

The new brand materials give clear direction for future collateral design choices to maintain image consistency and recognition.

Online Presence

Once we developed the voice of the brand, we delved into the website design. We created a website that would help Staza Consulting clients identify with the brand and instill confidence through their past portfolio work.

The website is easy to navigate and guides viewers quickly and effectively. We placed call-to-action buttons throughout the website enabling a better passage to conversions and sales.

Branding Results

Straza Consulting now has a brand platform with a clear identity and voice in the online environment.

Straza Consulting now has a responsive website that highlights their services. We designed a newsletter campaign linked to the website for lead conversion. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies were added to the Straza website to help them be visible to their ideal market.

Live Large Collective graphics

The Live Large Design group exceeded my expectations for my website redesign. Their creative process, design skills, and expertise were exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend the group and will be referring my own clients here for future web projects.

Working with the team at Live Large Design on our project was a delight. I appreciated their process for developing a brand and design that fit the client’s personality, industry, and potential clients. And the way that design was applied to the site was perfect. I highly recommend this group.

Erin & Mike Straza

Chicago, USA


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